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“Masculine looks = incongruent with personality?”

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Masculine looks = incongruent with personality?

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Original post date: March 23rd, 2006 12:45:00 AM (EST)
Group: Beginners
Author: Jestor
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>@ DarkTranquility?.
>Im a bit confused when you mean “aloof.”
>How can I generate this feeling if its
>not natural? But “Best to have a hint of

This you will have to fake until it feels real. Observe guys in the club who are hooked up with the hottest girls and mimic their demeanor.

>a smile rather than an all out smile.”

>Is definatley true, I want to start
>using direct game and I want to increase
>sexual tension through eyes but to show
>im geuine I want to show a bit of a
>smile, Ill need to work on this?
>How can I act disinterested when
>initially talking to the target? If I

Just make neutral comments. Be interesting without looking like you’re trying. You can do this when a girl is standing next to you or if you’re just walking by and notice this shiny thing she’s wearing.

Also, if you haven’t consider subscribing to Brent’s newsletters.

>run direct game on her, ill need to show

>a geuine person and only then / when I
>hook her can I act disinterested (I
>really want to mix indirect and direct
>game, I think it will work perfectly for

You should be indirect before direct, not as a matter of preference but because the girl needs to chase. And you can be genuine without showing interest too early, just by being an interesting person who isn’t trying to pick anyone up.

>As far as confidence goes, I hit a ROCK

>hard slump and im only now changing my
>habits (it started In January). I play
>in the next 2 months changing it day by
>day and then when I feel im back to my
>normal self, will I wing.

That’s a good plan and that’s what I did for a long time to get my inner game straight.

>And I DEFINATLEY know what you mean, I

>plan on use direct game with older women
>but girls in Toronto are ALL about the
>chase, from HS to university?

lol…i find that women of all age ranges are about the chase. The only thing that these type of women really have in common is that they look good.

So many older women are spoiled by younger guys who are going after them thinking they are easier, and in doing so are making creating the same bitch shield as with the younger girls. Don’t fall for that trap thinking they are easier. They are only easier if they decide they want you, but unlike younger women, it is harder to change their mind

>I’m definitely interested in winging,

>but as I said before, I need 2 step up,
>but we will keep in touch (I have a
>feeling I recognize ur posts from before
>? ur username is new though right?)

yeah, I changed it. My email is f9n n@ho .com … anytime man

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