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“Please comment on my opener in daygame”

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Please comment on my opener in daygame

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Original post date: April 13th, 2010 03:55:16 AM (EDT)
Group: Tactics & Techniques
Author: Broke88
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Hi dudes,

I am a beginner, so please help improving ?also in the body language-. I usually like college girls.

Open (at the mall):

Me: Over the shoulder, smiling: Do you know what time it is/Do you know a restaurant called xx?/Do you know a nice place to have some coffee? I have to meet with a friend.
She: replies
Me: (Still walking or body rocking looking in another direction, looking a bit in her direction): Ok, before I go, do you know sex and the city? You are looking like girls that like to watch such series. You know Mr. Big? At my work, the girls are naming one guy Mr. Big. Do you think that is good or bad?
Me: (leaning back hardcore).
I have heard that Sex and the City is full interesting knowledge. What do you think?
She: replies.
Me: (depending on how the hook goes). Body rocking hardcore. (or a neg when the set is hot).
Me: Looking kinda dizzy and smiling: Do you know how many 9′s are there in a 100?
She: Replies
Me: I liked to make puzzles in when I was younger, like those ones you would do in Donald Duck, or Sudoku nowadays, kinda nerdy don’t you think?
She: Replies.
Me: So where you from? (looking if I got bait, etc).

Another opener that I sometimes use is:
I have a table which is painted in blue, and made a picture of it with my phone.

Opener: Do you think the table should be blue or white? I know it is a wild idea. What is the last time you did something creative or something wild?

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