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“QT: Kiss a girl Immediately”

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QT: Kiss a girl Immediately

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Original post date: May 7th, 2009 02:22:17 AM (EDT)
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Sounds extreme, but really isn’t.

Logic reason = Girls that like you aren’t interested so much in "talking", its just delaying the inevitable, the desireable.

(logic reasons are stupid, put it there to show I could.. but we don’t need that)
(you shouldn’t need a logical reason)

First Step – Visualise
Vividly, imagine the situation actually for real happening. Works better, the more you actually almost get up and do it, cuz it feels so real to you.
So imagine being in close proximity, and feeling that intense energy of her looking at you etc. Her expecting something etc.

Second Step – Feel how it is REALLY going to go down.
Do not just push away the situation and "make up" some fantasy in your head. Instead, use as real of examples as you can, to determine how this is REALLY going to go down.
Keep repeating and refreshing, over and over again, until you feel that this is how its ACTUALLY going to happen.

Third Step – Let the feelings affect you
Girl will start looking at you now.
Your lips will go from sour little prunes, into succulent, sexy, and flowing with energy.
Your entire body will exude energy.
The way you are thinking and seeing things, is starting to "bend reality".
And I mean this in the sanest way possible (aka, you CAN do this, where as before, you could not, opening up new possibilities)

Fourth Step – Don’t rush in
Raise the feelings, keep raising them..
Girls will start stumbling when near you, they’ll start falling off balance, their eyes will be wider than normal.
They’ll start touching you, falling on you, getting in the way of you, slipping around you, grabbing you, stopping infront of you, ignoring who they are with, turning and looking at you, and they will start assuming you are talking to them, or know them (just by you looking at the table over there).

Its almost like you can’t get away from women, cuz they ASSUME, that a metre over there means them entirely.

Anyways, it will be super easy to open at this point, cuz the girl will notice you easily.
As you slowly go in for the kiss she will know whats going on straight away, and slip into it.

(bad kisses, SHOCK, women, and they only realise at last moment, and go "jerk neck" etc etc)

Fifth Step – Close Proximity

Move in with your hips first. Don’t "walk in" or intentionally get closer.
Allow the fondness of interacting with her, draw you to her. Allow the earlier steps, to make it become a pleasure, a pride, a right.
Show up close, maybe smile off to the side. Maybe, jerk back if she jerks back.
Hands on her hands, or on her hips (generally somewhere low)(hopefully feel a buzz, or thick air)

You might just give her a spin or two, then slow down and kiss her.
You might slowly posistion her, over towards the wall, come in close, whisper something in her ear, and move in close to her lips, and wait till she smiles, then kiss.
You might, draw her to follow you, stop, have her bump into you and kiss her.
You might scoop her up into your body and kiss her.
You might just be playful and wicked cool people, she might jump up on you, wrap her legs around you, and her friends take a photo.

My point is, its kind of dynamic


The force field:

If you don’t have the steps above, girls will have a "force field". Meaning, subconsciously they can’t get kissed even if they want to. Something about it.. They don’t see it coming, they jerk back at the last moment. Its no good.

The Ooze field:

If you have the steps above, girls will just slide up against you, and they’ll be hard to avoid kissing to be honest. Meaning like, all the space in the room, is like a millimetre from her falling on your lips.
Just subconsciously, every girl kisses you.

You won’t actually have to lean in, or try to kiss, cuz there won’t be a force field to break through.

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