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“Re: LR: Pickup Wars: Attack of the Asian”

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Re: LR: Pickup Wars: Attack of the Asian

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Original post date: February 10th, 2010 05:32:38 AM (EST)
Group: Field Reports
Author: JSWINN
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Yarbles wrote:

>afc-jonny wrote:

>Good work Jonny! Nice to see you got
>another lay so soon after the first one.

Thank you man!
>>I met this one online, she’s
>>19. There’s two types of
>>Asians – cute ones and hot
>Can you give us some details on how you
>"opened" her online? I mean was it
>facebook or something else? What were
>you first emails back and forth like?

No emails, it was a chat site. I opened with "Hey" she replied "hello" then I said "Having a good day? What trouble you been causing?" … I open this way always online. (using the chat site)
>>HBFunky: Hey hey wat u up to?
>>(she always asks me this
>>question, so I had to do some
>>research on it)
>>Me: ?Luring girls to my house
>>with candy, which do you
>>prefer skittles or M&Ms?
>>HBFunky: Hahahahahaha ummmm
>>m&ms : )
>>Me: hehe ain’t you easy
>>worky good?
>Bold. I like that. Some chicks might
>get seriously creeped out by that, so
>you gotta calibrate carefully I guess.
>>I can’t keep up. She was a
>>horny devil. Then she says
>>“I’m a hard women to please” I
>>say “I like a challenge” and
>>continue to bang her. Within 1
>>intense hour of sweaty, steamy
>>sex, I used all my three
>>condoms, and she gave awesome
>>blowjobs. And muhaha I didn’t
>>come AGAIN?.geez why not! O
>>well. Sex is a workout, fuck.
>It’ll come with practice. I think it was
>my 8th or 10th time before I finally
>came inside a girl. Better to not come
>at all than to come too soon. If you can
>stay hard for hours, trust me, women
>will love you for it.

Thanks man…I’ve fuked both girls 3 times now…still the same lol. Hopefully sooon!
Unfortunately I don’t think I will be laying anyone new for some time… happy with two girls atm. But game face is always on, so who knows.

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One Response to “Re: LR: Pickup Wars: Attack of the Asian”

  1. Anonymous says:

    why did u jerk off to porn afterwards? dont you feel any guilt r like say you’re giving away your power? :/

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