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““Release the Kraken!””

The PUA Archives – Comments

“Release the Kraken!”

By JayValens - Last updated: Thursday, April 15, 2010 - Save & Share - Leave a Comment

Welcome to the new PUA Archives feature:
The Archive: Comments

Now, even after a post has been removed from the live mASF Forum & placed into The PUA Archives, fresh comments are able to be added by any registered member of mASF.  The posts are not limited to just a thread, but every post (even posts which are replies in a larger thread).  This means that every post in the archive, no matter how deeply buried in a larger thread, has the potential to be revived and become a new/live discussion topic.

To support this feature, it’s been established at it’s own host site, (you’ll notice this in the URL field of your browser) and is fully integrated with The PUA Archives itself.  That means when searching or browsing the archives, the option to add a new comment is embedded there and also means any comments added here will be visible there.  Posts are automatically synchronized and ONLY posts which have been commented on will appear here.  Any posts which are synchronized here which don’t get commented on within 48 hours will get flushed (but of course will remain in the actual archives).

The key features are:

  • Comments can be added to any post in The PUA Archives
  • Comment feature is limited to mASF members only (no anonymous trolls/spam)
  • Synchronized with the archives, comments made here appear there
  • Integrated with the main Fast Seduction login, newly added in 2010, powered by Community Connector (a proprietary technology of launched in 2007) – that means no separate login required
  • Comments are visually threaded here (for ease of conversation tracking), in the archives the comments are linear (may get changed later but for now the purpose is simplification depending on context, to avoid people confusing comments in the archives from being related to the actual THREAD context of a post being viewed directly in the archives).
  • All proper citing is provided in all posts synchronized & commented on here, so that you can find links to the original post, board it belonged to, and other posts in the archive by the author.  You’ll even be able to see which mASF member is the one who revived the post for commenting!
  • When posts get synchronized here, tags are also dynamically (but intelligently) determined so that it becomes easier to find inter-related posts based on topics or specific sets of words, which is all integrated into the search especially optimized for this site.

It doesn’t stop there.  There is the opportunity in the future to add additional enhancements such as more organized guides, tying mASF avatar pictures to the original posters, tag clouds, related posts pre-suggested, etc.

In a way, it’s like a “Cache of the PUA Titans”! ;)


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