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“Review: 60′s Complete System”

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Review: 60′s Complete System

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Original post date: February 26th, 2010 07:17:10 AM (EST)
Group: Product Reviews
Author: Larikka
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Hello everyone,

I’ve bought and read 60 years of challange’s e-book "The Complete System". This is the best book I’ve ever read.

A little background about myself first. When I started on this journey I was a complete AFC like most of us here was before we begun. Quite quickly though I became quite "decent", i.e I could do k-closes in the clubs regurlarly, or get phone numbers (that eventually usually flaked). I had reached this plateau in my learning curve, and I stayed there for about 6 months. It was a very frustrating time that I couldn’t manage to pull of the big closes. So I started explore a lot of all these "gurus" material on how I could become better. Most of the time I got massively disapointed (I will not give out any names here). After some time I gave up. I would not spend more money on these frauds products.

But then I encountered 60′s e-book. Now here was a guy that I at least "knew" who this was, and I "knew" that he was a guy with knowledge widely praised through the community. I have went out three times after reading his book. Two of those nights I pulled home two QUALITY women.

Alright, alright Larikka, we get the point. Now what is so special about "The complete system"?

I’m glad you asked. In it 60 breaks down attraction and seduction to some very, very basic and simple principles that you can use. It is so simple and basic, that when I read it for the first time I laughed out loud with surprise and how dumb I had been who had not noticed these dynamics. I also started to shiver coz I KNEW that THIS was the real shit.

The complete system contains 4 books (app. 60 pages per book).

First is called "Women Ignition", and is social/opening-related. In it he gives some valueable mindsets about opening. He also gives some practical advices how to break out from the big zero (where you are so intimidated that you can’t talk to anyone), and gives you a couple of great openers. He also explains how you can reach "God Mode" (And only this is probably worth the whole price).

The second is called "Fearless relentless escalation", and is escalation-related. If you EVER will get a hand of any on these copies, this is THE book you must read. In it he describes how simple, effective and attractive fast escalation is and gives you "techniques" where you almost can’t get rejected for your escalations! They are so under the radar but still so powerfull that you can pull home a girl in under five minutes. He also describes sexual tension and how you can maximize it to you advantage.

The third one is called "Simply start sex" and is sexual-ralated. In it he describes womens and mens sexuality in a very easy read manner. He describes why we get oneitis, and how we should redirect our focus when that happens. He explains when you should start amping up your "sexual kino". He gives you a couple of very good LMR tactics, if you should encounter them. This is a very good book if you still have some problems seeing girls not loving sex as much as we men do.

The fourth book is "Relationship Roulette" and is relationship-related. How do you keep a girl? How do you manage MLTR’s? 60 breaks it all down in this book. He says when you should next her, why the fantasy of purity is a joke, how you can be a challange for YOURSELF and not for her and thus keep her (if you so wish) for a long time etc etc. He also breaks down the five phases of a relationship, and how to maintenence it. If keeping a relationships is why you are on this board, then this is the book for you.

All in all, this is a great and fantastic book. It has changed my life. Read that again. But you don’t have to want to change your life to buy this book. I can guarantee that, even though you might be great with women, you will find this e-book valuable.

So Larikka, is there NO downside with buying this book? Well, for some this book may be a bit expensive. But can you really set a price on this book? If you would it could easily be tenfolded, and still you would get quality for your money.

But in all egoistic honesty: I don’t want you to buy this book. I want this knowledge all by myself! But then again, this is no book where you will hear from the girls "oh, so you have read 60 years of challange’s ebook? (oh, you have read the game, havent you?)" or from anyone else for that matter.

You will be considered as a "natural".

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